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How has the Full-time MBA impacted your career?

Written by Rome

My name is Petar. I’m an RSM MBA graduate 2017 and I’m currently working for Amazon in the UK. I’m originally from Bulgaria, but before my MBA I worked for IBM in Slovakia for two years. I was working as an in-house consultant for Digital Sales and afterwards I went straight to Rotterdam for the MBA. After I graduated from RSM I joined Amazon in January 2017.

I currently work in the leadership programme in operations, managing up to 200 people in a fulfilment centre. The job mainly involves managing people and the objective is to develop leadership skills in the future. One of the main reasons I applied to RSM because it had the reputation as one of the most internationally diverse MBA-schools around the world. I still remember the day when I received the offer from RSM. I was at work, it was Friday afternoon. I was waiting for the call and I suddenly got a call from a Dutch number. I didn’t know who it was from, so I was guessing… Ok, hopefully it’s from RSM. She said “Petar, I’m calling about your application to tell you the outcome. She said it’s yes, you’ve got an offer.” I’m like; are you kidding me!?

I remember, I went out of the room, pulled aside to of my friends who I’ve been talking about my MBA and they were super excited. Definitely worth it. When I went to do the MBA my objective was to move to consulting afterwards, but then meeting with different people and getting to know more about different industries, I kind of started to look around. Even though I focus on consulting, I do case cracking or developing skills that were necessary for the processes and applications for consulting.

But then when Amazon came over with that programme I thought I could go into consulting but at the same time having the chance to work and manage 200 people in one company; well why not? So when I went to do an MBA I wanted to go to work in the UK and I started looking directly for the Alumni network.

There is a big group of people that have graduated from RSM in London and I think I’ve got in touch with more than 20 of them. And every single one of them replied, they devoted time to me, to look at my CV, to advise me. So I’ve got to really stress the fact that the MBA is not only about hard work and studying, it’s also about having fun and building strong relationships and friendships. I still remember one moment of having a drink with a very close friend of mine. It was very late at night. We were just talking about life and deep stuff and we were sharing about ourselves and how we feel about the current situation.

And I said that I was never going to be happy because I keep benchmarking and regardless how far I go, there is always something better. And that friend of mine said: “If you benchmark yourself against the others and you’re never going to be happy, what you’ve got to do is to benchmark against what you want to achieve and enjoy these achievements. I think that is a lesson; very simple, but very powerful that’s going to stay with me for the rest of my life.

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